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Viennese culinary highlights


From the pig

Viennese pork “Wiener Schnitzel
with mixed salad

€ 12,40

Escalope of pork
sautéed with gravy sauce, served with rice

€ 13,30

Pork cordon bleu
Pork cordon bleu breaded pork cutlet stuffed with ham & cheese served with mixed salad

€ 14,60

Freshly baked roast pork
with warm coleslaw, dumplings & gravy sauce

€ 13,80


chicken wiener schnitzel
French-fries and ketchup

€ 13,60

Crispy fried chicken Viennese style
with potato-lettuce salad

€ 13,90


Hungarian style goulash
slow cooked beef spiced served with Homemade Austrian noodle (spätzle).

€ 13,40

Roasted beef with fried onions
pickled gherkin and roast potatoes

€ 19,60

Original Viennese Schnitzel veal cutlet
breaded with potatoes & lettuce salad and lingo beery jam

€ 20,90


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